Dating is tricky!

So I started dating a couple of months ago after leaving a long-term relationship and I've come to a few conclusions. Women get rejected too. I'm not who I used to be, I have a new vision of what love is. If it's too good to be true then it is. Well here's what happened,… Continue reading Dating is tricky!

Most annoying excuse ever!

"ALL MEN CHEAT" - Worse Excuse Ever - I've heard all kinds of excuses in my exclusive relationships. Yet the one I hate the most is ‘all men cheat’. Why is that an excuse for men to cheat? I'd like to believe all men don't cheat. But that term has become a crutch for many… Continue reading Most annoying excuse ever!

To Break or Not? 5 reasons why you could use a break.

How many relationships have you found yourself in and needed to take a step away to gain clarity? Some may say “screw it I don't want this anymore and let it all go”. Others stay and just deal. We often find that we put ourselves in redundant situations. But the main focus is to just… Continue reading To Break or Not? 5 reasons why you could use a break.