Get Out of Your Head

Get out of your head. I admit I overthink everything in my life, everything. I’ve been reading this phrase all winter long. Now it’s Spring, it’s a new season with the reason to let go of those worries, troubles, and fears. If there’s something you’ve been meaning to do, then do it.

Don’t grow old saying “I wish I did XYZ when I was younger“.

I get stuck every time I write. I worry that what I’m sharing has been written before and no one is interested in reading it. I fear that I’m not good. We all get into our head and then get stuck there with nothing to share. But this is your time now to share everything you’ve got stuck in your head and stamp it into this world. What you and I have to share may have similarities but the outcome is different. I’m original and so are you.

Get out of your head today!… say it till you actually Get Out!

Good Vibes Only,

Original Good Girl