My Favorite Podcasts

Here I go! Here I go! HERE I GO AGAIN! Girls whats my weakness… PODCASTS… LMFAO!!!!!!! Sorry not sorry, Men ain’t my weakness over here. But I do have a weakness for good music and good podcasts. I’ve really started listening to podcasts within the last 3 years and I must say it really all started after being a YouTube fiend for a video on hair products and styles and listening to T.D. Jakes on YT.

Then a friend of mine would send me recordings of the sermons she attended on Sundays. The quality was poor *sorry sis* but I googled ‘Hillsong’ and BOOM I saw Podcast and said to myself “I hope this is what she sent me, then low and behold it was. I started listening to church sermons via Podcast. And from there I just explored for other podcasts I could listen to. And now I have a weekly run of podcast to look forward to.

Here are my favorite podcasts

Woman Evolve with Sarah Jakes Roberts

On this Podcast we learn how to Mind Our Business, keep drinking our water and trying to Rescue Eve (women or brands in the media we may not totally agree with), and recognizing the good deeds of those women and men as Hail Mary/Joseph. Sarah Jakes Roberts keeps it real yet brings the word of God into every situation. She’s your sister from another mister.

Deadass with Khadeen and Devale

This young millenial married couple with 3 kids talk about their relationship before they were married, they get into what marriage is really like, and their relationship with their children and many other topics we tend to stray from like natural water birth, health and fitness and more. Oh Deadass they keep it 100% and they’re from BROOKLYN!!!

Therapy for Black Girls

Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed therapist in ATL, talks therapy; what to expect in therapy, healing, grief, losing loved ones, making peace with yourself. She shares so much on her podcast for you to get a snippet of what topics you can talk about with your therapist or even if you want a therapist but don’t know how to go about it this podcast gives an inch into the benefits of therapy. If your unsure about Therapy please give this podcast a listen to get a little feel of what to expect from a therapist. It’s not what you see in TV!

Jesus and Jollof

So I just started listening to this podcast 2 weeks ago and I’m all caught up. Hosted by Yvonne Orji who plays Molly on Insecure and Luvvie Ajayi, writer and author of New York’s Best Time Seller ‘I’m Judging You’. These two young African millennials are spitting knowledge about their trails growing up under pressure to purse feilds their parents wanted and still breaking the boundaries of what success looks like and sounds like. If you’ve grown up in a home with old fashion parents that think life is all about getting a career as a Doctor, Lawyer or Engineer but you’ve chosen a different path oh you’ll definitely relate to these women and you will laugh I guarantee it. And let’s not forget the talk of relationships, adulting and money. They drop a couple of gems!!!

You can find these Podcast on Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcast and SoundCloud.

Xoxo, Original GG

I unplugged from Instagram for a month.

What happens when you unplug from social media? Nothing, everything still goes on, you just aren’t plugged into looking at pictures and videos that you thought you were interested in.

Well then what’s the point? -You can put that energy back into yourself, back into your art, your goals, you set yourself free from what you thought you needed. It’s not being Anti-Social. If you even think your being social just because you have an IG handle, you need to ask yourself when was the last time you even thought about personally reaching out to a stranger just to form bond. Whether that bond may last one hour or 10 years it’s an effort and part of your own history, your story. That’s what social media has done for most, formed temporary bonds with people we’re probably too scared to introduce ourselves to. And yet Social Media has broaden our eyes and minds to several different cultures, careers, issues, and ventures that we didn’t always thought were for many of us.

But here’s a reason why some people to practice how to use social media with kindness… story time

I recently lost my id and credit cards and a young man found it and found me on Facebook. BUT… he said ‘If I go out on a date with him he’d give it back. Ummmm, 1. This ain’t no Paramount Motion Picture fairy-tale. 2. You don’t know if I’m crazy and I don’t know if your crazy. 3. What if I was not into guys? Well I declined the date and asked kindly for this young man to send my identification back to the address on my ID. It’s been 2 months and I still have not received my card wallet with my belongings. Honestly I may have considered the date had he actually mailed back my things but now that’s definitely not happening.

So please lets use Social Media with kindness all!

Xoxo, Original GG

Honesty Hour: I fell into a comfort zone.

Hey yall, well as you can see it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted any content on my blog and it’s not because I wanted to neglect my writing but life has been pushing me out of my comfort zone.

So am I still writing, HELL YES! I’ve actually been writing weekly for the new PURPOSE APP by Angela Simmons. If you haven’t downloaded the App do it now. And yes you read it correctly, WEEKLY! I’ve been putting most of my effort into writing at least 3 articles on Faith, Love/Relationships, Beauty and Health. I was blessed to be given this opportunity to share my writing and thoughts on a platform focused on Women and our Purpose. It hasn’t been the easiest for me though. I have days when I don’t want to write, days where I don’t want to share, days where I think to myself “WTF am I even doing here”. But it has taught me that with consistency I can push myself out of nasty mental funks. It’s worth it, and I’ve talking to God more often than ever. Nothing is impossible with God on your side!

And work, I have a great career where I enjoy what I do as an Analyst. I spend so much time at work on several projects, where I don’t regret taking on issues that no one else may not want to handle. Plus the company I work for is expanding and I just know I can make a difference and make my mark. I rather not say who I work for because I’d probably need permission for that but it’s not about the company, this is all about me and the growth I’ve been making. I work through my lunch some days, past my scheduled hours and although I get home totally exhausted it’s worth it. I’ve learned that if you really want to be great at what you do you have to spend a little bit more time at it than the norm. I’m not interested in being normal, I’m interested in being great at what I do even if it means my weekends consist of resting for 2 days straight at home. I look forward to going to work now.

Now as for this blog, I want to take it to another level. So it won’t only be about love and relationships and self-care. I’ll be talking much more about Mental Health, Sexual Health, Lifestyle as an American Haitian, a Black Girl is a growing world and much more. I’m not boxing myself and my words anymore. Expect something different from me. I’ve been going to Therapy consistently, listening to podcast more often, diggin my 90s music and new music that I can relate to and living my life without the tight control of what everyone thinks and wants from me.

I’m on a journey, and that means there will be a change…

Xoxo, Original GG

The Effects of Adulting: What everyone failed to tell me!

Adulting is hard as #@*k!

When I gradutated college I wanted a manual of how to get through my 20’s so I bought a few ‘Self Help’ books. Ofcourse my friends laughed. But now as I peak into my 30’s, Adulting is just the way of life, there’s no more summer breaks, no extended Holiday days off from school, no end of term and looking forward to a looong break ahead. This is life!

Adulting has no manual, growing into your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and so on has no manual. You have to create the life you want, save the money you earn (and not only for back to school) for bills, for emergency, for trips, for everyday spending. Everyday is a new challenge, every relationship has new stipulations and every job comes with new demands. We’ve been adulting since we earned our first $1, we just didn’t understand what was next. And that’s Okay. This is life, it’s not so hard if you stop comparing yourself to ‘The Joneses’ or to social media.

“Life is what you make it”

That quote always pops up but what does it even mean. It means YOU DEFINE YOUR LIFE, that’s it. If you rather see your money in the closet than in the bank, that’s the life you want, if it means watching your money grow in stocks and businesses that’s your choice. There is no meme that defines your life, you are the only person that knows as an adult what means the world to you. To me, I see life more grand than any valley or mountain or tree on this earth. Life is simple, it has a beginning, middle and end and although it’s not always easy, it’s the way I get through all those moments. Because then I can reminisce on those times and share my experience with others regardless I’m sharing with my peers, my elders or those younger than me. My life is my story as is yours.

Like Beyonce said “I’m a Grooooown Woman, I can do WHATEVER I want”