Hello Good People,

Welcome to the Original Good Girl blog, my name is Regine, and this is my PERSONAL blog. Everything here is based on my personal experiences, not statistics and analytical data (well maybe a few topics will be). I felt the need to call this blog ‘Original Good Girl’ when I kept hearing people call me a “good girl” after I left a long-term relationship and of-course everyone used the phrase “good girl” to make me feel better about my decision to leave a 7 year relationship. I began questioning “Am I the only Good Girl out here? Why do people keep calling me a “Good Girl” when I just wanted to be a good person in a good relationship? Have a fooled everyone into thinking I am a Good Girl?

This isn’t just a blog, it’s a conversation of all the personal topics we long to have as we explore through the trials of life. Life is a personal journey, and we are all learning and shaping our lives everyday one step at a time. We all want to be good people for all sorts of reasons; for God, our family, friends, co-workers, strangers and simply for ourselves.

I hope you all enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy sharing my experiences on friendships, relationships, dating, self-love and the journey ahead.

… I’m just a Good Girl with a dash of imperfections 😉

When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.  

– Maya Angelou