3 Qualities of a Good Girl from a guy’s perspective!

So I asked a few guys their opinion on 3 top qualities of a good girl and here’s what they had to say.

Guy 1: Good morals, ambition, loyalty

Guy 2: 1. A giver: Shows love and appreciation without being prompted or being given something first.

2. A communicator: She is honest and vocal about her feelings, wants/needs and her position in that relationship.

3. A team player: She understands that relationship are not self-centered. She is an active participant and contributes to its health and life.

Guy3. Loyal, A Freak, Communication

Guy 4: 1. Gotta get along with you and be able to communicate respectfully.

2.You gotta be doing something with yourself like a job and schooling

3. Preferably no kids or no more than one

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