To Improve Is To Change. To Be Perfect Is To Change Often. -Winston Churchill The Original Good Girl is going through some natural changes. And we're taking this brief moment to step back and bring something different to the table. Don't worry ya girl is stronger, smarter and much healthier than she was 10 months… Continue reading

Finding Closure after a breakup.

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary Closure : an often comforting or satisfying sense of finality. : victims needing closure; also: something (such as a satisfying ending) that provides such a sense. I recently saw Tyler Perry's movie Acrimony, starring Taraji P. Henson and I was scared. I was scared because there were so many… Continue reading Finding Closure after a breakup.

Most annoying excuse ever!

"ALL MEN CHEAT" - Worse Excuse Ever - I've heard all kinds of excuses in my exclusive relationships. "All men cheat," "women are better at cheating than men," "I don't have any feelings for those girls, I was just angry at you" so ridiculous the excuses we come up with when we get caught. The… Continue reading Most annoying excuse ever!

To Break or Not? 5 reasons why you could use a break.

How many relationships have you found yourself in and needed to take a step away to gain clarity? Some may say “screw it I don't want this anymore and let it all go”. Others stay and just deal. We often find that we put ourselves in redundant situations. But the main focus is to just… Continue reading To Break or Not? 5 reasons why you could use a break.